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Web & UI

Web & UI

A selection of Naomi’s past web UI work – for Kevin & Joe :)

Crowdfund Companion

A Web UI Kit for Adobe XD.

  • Full customisable design and prototype built in XD.

  • Free for anyone to download and customise for their own products/services.

Charity Fast-Track

2015 - Recent
A custom built e-learning app (Drupal). These are recent, but interim designs while we gradually move over to the new brand (formerly Charity Apprentice).

The type will be a lot nicer in vNext!
(These type styles are a muddle of old and new).

A developer hired by is in charge of build – and now that I’m an official part of the team, we’re working a lot more closely to better the back-end while constantly improving on style and function.


These designs give you a glimpse of our in-process workings. These were done alongside a written scope of all visual and functional updates.

We communicate and track progress via Podio. (I much prefer Trello however)!



A new brand, and website for Utopy – a social enterprise whose goal is to build a Progressive Sector. (A new, recognised sector, that exists entirely for social good).

  • Website design by myself – partnering with my preferred developers Decode. We created a v1 static site, and now have a custom CMS plugged in the backend.

  • We’ll be continually improving on the website as a team.

  • I’ll be working with the MD and copywriter to continue to push the brand forward – currently we’re using a lot of stock photography (for example) while the business is still in its infancy.



SoPost is the silent partner for brands to get their sample products, seamlessly posted out to consumers – and transferred into sales.

I consulted with them for 2 months, working with and interviewing the team – building a new brand and communications.

  • Website design by myself, to be developed by their in-house dev team (unfortunately this hasn’t gone live as yet).

  • I brought in an illustrator to create a starting library of assets and secured a future agreement for how they ‘order’ more.

  • Handover of deliverables included:

    • Brand Strategy report
      Including recommendations for use of language internally and externally for example.

    • Brand Guidelines

    • Brand asset library

    • Website designs and Style guide
      This particular guide has been kept private however here is a different example of this kind of handover document that supports the design files.

    • Sales deck presentations (GoogleSlides)

    • GoogleDoc templates

SoPost-Overview • Desk.jpg
SoPost-Case study 1 • Desk.jpg
SoPost-Overview • Lap.jpg
SoPost-Overview • Hand.jpg

Little Inventors

A website for children (and parents) to upload children’s invention ideas.

I was part of the initial core team of Little Inventors for their first 12 months – as ‘Chief Designer’ – helping to set up the entire brand and business strategy.

  • Website design by myself – partnering with my preferred developers Decode. A public upload process, with a review process for the team via the custom CMS.

  • Small updates (outside of my direction) have been done since – like in the header area of the current site for example. However the majority of styles and functionality are still very much intact.

  • We also created a series of private mini-sites for partner schools and events to use as their own place to upload and share kids ideas. These can be set to be public or private (with password).



A web-based writing app, designed to be simple and ‘get out of your way’.

  • Original platform design only / no contact with dev

  • I’m not responsible for the logo! ;)



I worked with Richard Clarke for a number of years to create his ideal vision for his online accountancy e-learning platform.

  • Website wireframing and design by myself – partnering with my preferred developers Decode. It’s is a completely bespoke back-end for Richard to add content and design new lessons within.

  • He already had a partnership with Miki Mottes and had the logo and connection with cows(!) in place brand-wise. It was my job to make this playful brand into an intuitive learning tool.

  • Richard is a client who is very driven, continually wanting to push things further, adding more functionality and ideas constantly throughout the years.

  • Although I’m no longer involved in the platform (unless further big changes are to be made) the majority of it remains as it was originally built, with Decode in place for maintenance.

  • It brings in a decent revenue for Richard :)



Artspotter was a native iOS app – checking in, capturing, and sharing art around the UK.

  • I designed everything – consulting for the founder –  and worked with a sole developer.

  • Styles are obviously ‘of their time’ from 2011, but feel it’s relevant to share a more structured UI approach.

  • I’m not responsible for the logo! ;)


Animatable was a past business I was involved in – endeavouring to create a simple, but powerful animation (web) app.

  • The upper UI shows a modern progression from the earlier version below it.